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New Day, New Mercies

I always say, Brand new day, brand new mercies. Especially at the beginning of the week. Life has been lifing and I say that in the sense that it seems like there is a new obstacle to get through every week. Jobs, kids, friends, family…you name it, someone wants something! That is not to say that life is bad, because it isn’t by any means. I believe in duality, Life can be good AND stressful at the same time. I try not to get into my head too much about all the things that are going wrong. It’s a spiral that you sometimes can’t stop, sometimes for hours and sometimes for days. It completely derails all motivation and I find myself floating through my days aimlessly.

So I focus on one day at a time. One issue at a time. One nuance at a time.

What does that look like for me?

Well on Mondays, I write out all I have to get done for the week. I got this cute “Productive AF’, one sheeter from Amazon and it helps me keep track of priorities, appointments, clients, and Habit Trackers for the week. It even has a cute end-of-week assessment so you can rank how well your week went. I find it very helpful as I’m a visual person and love the “rewards” aspect of checking things off. After I’ve planned my week on Monday, I focus on one day at a time because after all, we should ONLY focus on one thing at a time and that’s the thing directly in front of us.

This has helped so much, even when things get pushed to the next day. And while my list may get longer some days, I know that tomorrow I get to start afresh, with a brand new day, and the zeal to respond to what I have the capacity to do.

So Brand new day, brand new mercies…Mercy is just hope. Hope that you can and will get through whatever obstacle you face; likely you have before, and you will again.


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Mar 27, 2023

This was very inspiring! Thank you so much for the helpful tips💕

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